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    How to SETUP pipenv ON ubuntu 18.04 FOR python flask apps?

    How do you setup a Python 3.7 and pipenv production environment on Ubuntu 18.04? My development environment uses Python 3.7, Flask, and Pipenv. All the tutorials I found only show how to use python3.7 -m venv, pip, an...
    0 By mmmrev Python Python Frameworks Ubuntu 18.04
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    Do you know why `sudo ufw allow 'Nginx Full'` doesn't work?

    Anyone know why sudo ufw app list doesn't show Nginx under the list of available apps? I'm trying to add a rule on ufw for Nginx. I installed Apache2 which shows up under the apps that's available. I installed Nginx r...
    1 By mmmrev Linux Commands Security Firewall Ubuntu 18.04
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    How do I point multiple domain to a droplet's IP address?

    I didn’t see on the left side menu under “Manage” -> “Networking”, I can add additional domains. Thanks, mate
    By mmmrev
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    How do I point multiple domain to a droplet's IP address?

    How can I point and to a droplet's ip address using records such as A and CNAME? I have's nameserver at the registrar changed to digitalocean's NS; and the Apache vhost are configur...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there! You will need to add the domain separately to your account, just like you added You will also need to set the Nameservers on Registrar to DigitalOcean Nameservers. And then you can ...
    2 By mmmrev DigitalOcean DNS Ubuntu 18.04