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    403 forbidden nginx on ubuntu

    Hi, I've installed bigbluebutton to use with a PHP script, but when I navigate to a folder. It gives a 403 forbidden error nginx. The main page works with an html file. Any help?
    1 By mnyaaber Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Putty takes too long to ping. What should I do?

    I'm installing bigbluebutton but when I ping the hostname in putty, the ping goes on and on without stopping. I sometimes have to wait for more than 30mins without success and then close the session. Please help.
    Accepted Answer: Whenever you are having an issue with connectivity you need to trouble shoot where the issue is occurring. There are few common areas where you can encounter an issue and then use that to figure out what to fix. 1. DN...
    1 By mnyaaber DNS Networking Ubuntu 16.04