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    Using DO customer account

    Hi there, I have a client who already have his DO account. (With a password changed for me, they don't use it). But each time I connect to their account, DO ask me for a verification code they send to their email. I d...
    2 By mobidi Security
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    Enabling Sqlite3 with Nginx on Debian 8

    I found my solution. I installed php 7.1 and php-sqlite3 everythings fine now.
    By mobidi
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    Enabling Sqlite3 with Nginx on Debian 8

    Hi, I'm following a tuto and got error with Doctrine Dbal when I try to migrate. I believe it's because I don't have sqlite enable in nginx. But i'm not sure at all, I tried to see if sqlite is enabled with this : ```...
    1 By mobidi Nginx Debian
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    Migration Problem DNS propagation ?

    Hello everyone ! Testing Digital Ocean for the first time and it's been totally awesome. I did a migration for my website (, I modified my DNS in Gandi (my registrar). Maybe I'm not asking the ques...
    2 By mobidi DNS Debian