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    Fix Issue with permissions for files.

    I've messed up during fixing a prior issue, I have a site that could serve images and some static files are still serving okay actually. Now as you can see most images aren't available. Need some assis...
    1 By muirurisamuel Nginx Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04
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    Getting cronjob to work from Django

    I have a droplet with Django installed and I can run a script from /home/sammy/revamp like python getimages it returns output like Successfully found image for "6c90a52a75c5a91054937d6ab3c8cd4e.jpg" Problem ...
    1 By muirurisamuel Django Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to ssh from one droplet to another

    I've got 2 droplets and I have an idea to move files from a to b using rsync then return from b to a using the same. I need to use ssh in the rsync and getting a permission denied error. I also tried adding the ssh ke...
    1 By muirurisamuel Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04