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    Setting up Domain on DigitalOcean to Django & Nginx

    Finishing up site migration, I've been able to get it running on the droplet IP ( I've also checked if IP propagation ( is complete ente...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @muirurisamuel, Indeed your DNS looks all good. At the moment your site is accessible via port 80 (HTTP), however, it does not work over port 443 which is https. To fix that you need to install an SSL certif...
    1 By muirurisamuel Nginx Django
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    Fix Issue with permissions for files.

    I've messed up during fixing a prior issue, I have a site that could serve images and some static files are still serving okay actually. Now as you can see most images aren't available. Need some assis...
    1 By muirurisamuel Nginx Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04
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    Getting cronjob to work from Django

    I have a droplet with Django installed and I can run a script from /home/sammy/revamp like python getimages it returns output like Successfully found image for "6c90a52a75c5a91054937d6ab3c8cd4e.jpg" Problem ...
    1 By muirurisamuel Django Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to ssh from one droplet to another

    I've got 2 droplets and I have an idea to move files from a to b using rsync then return from b to a using the same. I need to use ssh in the rsync and getting a permission denied error. I also tried adding the ssh ke...
    1 By muirurisamuel Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04