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    How do I make rasa webchat work with nginx and https?

    I have a chatbot implemented with rasa and it is working with rasa webchat. It worked fine when I tested it locally with ngrok, and it also worked when I configured nginx (port 80) on the server. However, once I chang...
    1 By myopp Nginx
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    Can't setup DNS in Google Domains

    Looks like the error was related to the fact that the server was not configured with SSL. The HTTP requests would always redirect t…
    By myopp
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    Can't setup DNS in Google Domains

    I've acquired a domain ( in Google Domains and I've been trying to link it with a Wordpress project that is running in a Digital Ocean droplet. However, when I access my domain I get the following error: ERR...
    2 By myopp WordPress DNS