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    Private Network

    Setup: Built a base image via packer. This base image is used to set up my infrastructure (via ansilbe) Terraform sets privatenetworking <
    1 By myprogramingnotes Networking DNS
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    Allowing upgrades on a server (ports 80 and 443 are open but still can't run apt installs)

    Hello, I have a droplet set up as follows: module "bastion_server" { ipv6 = "false" region = "nyc1" private_networking = "false}" name ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Try to open port 53 for DNS. The address lookups for package repos probably isn't happening. If it still doesn't work, give some morer logs ;)
    1 By myprogramingnotes DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Ubuntu 18.04
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    Is there consistency between how volume and mount points are named?

    What is the convention on how external block storage devices are named and how mount points are named? I have volume whose naming follows this pattern: first-second. I expect that mountpoint and partitions will fol...
    0 By myprogramingnotes Block Storage Ubuntu 18.04