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    Droplet has lost outbound connectivity

    So, today unattended-upgraded asked me for a reboot. No big deal I thought, and rebooted. After rebooting the droplet it can no longer connect to the internet, although i can connect to it from the internet. (e.g. via...
    Accepted Answer: @nanos To make sure the firewall isn't the cause, can you run: sudo ufw disable Then try to connect again. If it so happens that ufw was the actual cause, then it's most likely some sort of misconfiguration that we...
    3 By nanos Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    Details of the Magento One-Click Application

    I'm quite interested in trying to set up magento with the One-Click Application. However, I'd like to know a few details about that application before doing so such as has any performance optimisation been done (e.g. ...
    1 By nanos DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Ubuntu