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    .htaccess and symbolic links?

    So I am currently using a particular app on apache that is hosted on its own subdomain. In the root directory of this app there is an .htaccess file with the following code ``` RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUESTF...
    1 By Nathan485 Apache
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    SSL Certificate issues only on Android Chrome?

    So I installed a SSL certificate on a subdomain and everything worked fine for desktop Chrome and IE but when I use android chrome I get the following error... ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID Looking at the certificate it ap...
    4 By Nathan485 Security Apache
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    SSL: Personal Identifiable Information on Certificate?

    So I am new to hosting, etc but learning as I go along. Currently I have a vps from another provider and I want to setup a free SSL certificate from StartSSL for the moment. Now with domains I know there is private ...
    1 By Nathan485 Security Apache