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    Payment method failed

    Hello, I have a problem with Digital ocean payments, when pay using visa card it is bringing an error, "Check your payment details". but my card its just okay and I used the same card to pay for my previous payment. P...
    1 By nathanmwamba2002 Payments
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    Logging me out after some minutes

    I have a problem, when I log in to an admin panel in my laravel project after 3 to 4 minutes it is logging me out, but on a local server its working very fine. my SESSION_LIFETIME = 525600 in my environmental variable...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, It sounds like that you might be using files as the session driver, meaning that your sessions are stored in the App container itself. The problem with this is that every time the container gets redeployed you ...
    1 By nathanmwamba2002 Laravel
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    How to increase Maximum upload file size from 2MB

    I deployed my laravel project on digital ocean and when I try to upload a file, I get an error saying, 'upload file size is 2MB'. Please help me solve this issue people. Am using an APP, DATABASE and SPACE.
    2 By nathanmwamba2002 Laravel
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    Returning A View To My Laravel App

    I have a music blog which I have developed using laravel 7 php framework, and I am using digital ocean spaces to store music files. Now I just need your help to show me how I can fetch the music stored on digital ocea...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Once you've uploaded the file and set the permissions correctly, you could access the file by using the Storage facade: Storage::disk('<^>spaces<^>')->url($your_file) If the name of your S3 disk is not '<^...
    1 By nathanmwamba2002 DigitalOcean Spaces Databases