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    Ports 80/http and 443/https are filtered on your Droplet?

    Hi all So I can't access any sites on my droplet since the 30th of June and I just received an email from DO support saying: “Testing shows that ports 80/http and 443/https are filtered on your Droplet. A filtered res...
    1 By nb060420 DigitalOcean Firewall
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    Can't access any sites on my droplet?

    Hi Bobby Thank you for your reply, it’s much appreciated! The Error I get on all of the sites when I try to visit them is ‘Er…
    By nb060420
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    Can't access any sites on my droplet?

    Hi Guys So this issue first started on either 30th June or 1st July which seems to coincide with a billing issue which was resolved within hours. Anyway I have one droplet which I can ping without issues sometimes but...
    3 By nb060420 Ubuntu 16.04 DigitalOcean
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    All my sites have been down for 4 days on one droplet.

    Hi all All my sites went down on one of my droplets on either Tue 50th June or Weds 1st July, I have submitted a ticket but have so far had no response from support. I am able to ping the domains but when you try to a...
    1 By nb060420 DigitalOcean
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    Have there been any updates that would cause Let's Encrypt SSL's not to renew?

    Hi All... I have a few WP multisites hosted in my Digitalocean droplet and for some reason the Let's Encrypt Wild Card SSL's have failed to re-new on them at the same time...they have worked perfectly for well over a ...
    0 By nb060420 Let's Encrypt