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    How to setup phpmailer, smtp, and digitalocean (ubuntu 18.04)

    Hello world, I have developed a web app and I need to send emails from app to users for account confirmation, password reset, info, etc. The app is written in PHP and uses phpmailer to send emails. My question is, how...
    1 By ncorti PHP Ubuntu 18.04
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    Why is my server configuration inconsistent?

    Hi, Yes, I have two domains listed in the result in One is the IP address of DigitalOcean with A+ Grade, and the othe…
    By ncorti
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    Why is my server configuration inconsistent?

    I got a domain in GoDaddy and I am using DigitalOcean (DO) to deploy my webapp. I created a ssl certificate using letsencrypt and aparently everything is fine. When I run the ssl-test from it appears t...
    4 By ncorti DNS