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    PTR reverse look up failing

    Hi On June 12th sometime seems to have stopped reporting PTR records for my domains causing emails to not be delivered. Mail acceptance has been working fine since the beginning for two drops 192...
    2 By neilh20
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    Has anybody got a remote desktop working

    I'm trying to get xrdp to work with Bitvise, however it is saying it can't start the remote session. From Ubuntu 12.04 x32 as root apt-get install tightvncserver apt-get install xrdp Then from Bitvise that already has...
    5 By neilh20
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    What images would you like to see?

    How about a LAMP/phpmyadmin+ tomcat7+example with OpenJava and OracleJava 1.7 <br> option for LAMP/phpmyadmin+tomcat6+examples w…
    By neilh20