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    Seeing high on every monitoring measure.

    I noticed a high ping average (112ms) to my droplet [] from my home computer. I pinged my droplet from another network and it too was high. Also seeing packet loss. This never happened...
    0 By netrek Networking
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    What's the best way to install Wordpress?

    Wondering what the best way to deploy Wordpress on my Debian droplet? I've installed it manually before, but it was kind of a pain. Wondering if there's another method available.
    1 By netrek WordPress Debian
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    How to install Cpanel and WHM on Debian?

    When I was researching VPS providers one article mentioned that Digital Ocean provides cPanel and WHM free of charge. How do I install them and after they are installed how do I access them?
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @netrek Unfortunately cPanel/WHM can be only installed on CentOS, CloudLinux , or RHEL and it's not available for install on Debian. You can check the full requirements on cPanel's docs:
    1 By netrek Control Panels