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    non-www redirect not working

    Non-www redirect to www is not working on my server. Here is the following nginx configuration that I'm using. When I try on mobile or on a desktop browser it doesn't connect and says webpage is unavailable. In mobile...
    1 By newserverguy Nginx LEMP Ubuntu 16.04
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    Wordpress image editor not working on LEMP 16.04

    Can't get image editor to work in WordPress Media, only shows this error message "Could not load the preview image. Please reload the page and try again." I went to see if I have both gd & imagick installed and enab...
    2 By newserverguy LEMP WordPress PHP Ubuntu 16.04
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    SSL installation on LEMP 16.04 and Wordpress

    2017/02/26 10:48:05 [notice] 2477#2477: signal process started 2017/02/26 20:54:59 [emerg] 6887#6887: unexpected end of file,...
    By newserverguy
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    SSL installation on LEMP 16.04 and Wordpress

    I have followed the following tutorial on securing NGINX on Ubuntu 16.04. Once I finished installing Let's Encry...
    2 By newserverguy LEMP Ubuntu 16.04