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    Whenever I tried to Update my wordpress it shows Error

    The Error is: **Downloading update from… The authenticity of could not be verified as no signature was found. Unp...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, It sounds like that the user that the Apache service is running as does not have permissions to your WordPress core files. What you could do is set the ownership of the files to the Apache user. If you have ...
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    Wordpress Update is not working.

    Hello, I am trying to install WordPress new version through my dashboard, but It's not working. Whenever I try to install it shows **"Downloading update from
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    How To Fix database error datasbase.wp_user doesn't exist for query

    I have tried to login in WordPress through WP-CLI but as I run wp-login, It shows "database error database.wp_user doesn't exist for query" and a bunch of other lines and I become unable to login. What can I do to fi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @newwayelegant, To me it looks like that either your database details are not correct in your wp-config.php file, you need to make sure that you use the correct database name, database username and password. ...
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    How can I use WP-CLI commands without --allow-root

    I wanted to use WP-CLI commands in my putty WordPress 5.5.1 & Ubuntu 20.04 Droplet but "When I use Wp commands without --allow-root then It shows an error that you are accessing as the root user," and I know it's un-s...
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    Why "wp-login.php" wordpress login is showing account doesn't exists

    The main Issues is that I am entering the email address & password that I used in creating my WordPress site in digital Ocean but It shows that the email address & username doesn’t exist even I checked in my PhpMyAdmi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @newwayelegant, What I could suggest is using the wp-cli command to create a new user. To do that you need to SSH to your Droplet then cd into your /var/www/html folder and run: command,bash wp user create <^...
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