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    Wordpress Update is not working.

    Hello, I am trying to install WordPress new version through my dashboard, but It's not working. Whenever I try to install it shows **"Downloading update from
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    How To Fix database error datasbase.wp_user doesn't exist for query

    I have tried to login in WordPress through WP-CLI but as I run wp-login, It shows "database error database.wp_user doesn't exist for query" and a bunch of other lines and I become unable to login. What can I do to fi...
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    How can I use WP-CLI commands without --allow-root

    I wanted to use WP-CLI commands in my putty WordPress 5.5.1 & Ubuntu 20.04 Droplet but "When I use Wp commands without --allow-root then It shows an error that you are accessing as the root user," and I know it's un-s...
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    Why "wp-login.php" wordpress login is showing account doesn't exists

    The main Issues is that I am entering the email address & password that I used in creating my WordPress site in digital Ocean but It shows that the email address & username doesn’t exist even I checked in my PhpMyAdmi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @newwayelegant, What I could suggest is using the wp-cli command to create a new user. To do that you need to SSH to your Droplet then cd into your /var/www/html folder and run: command,bash wp user create <^...
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