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    Issue with Dokku and DigitalOcean domain names and subdomains

    Hey, so I'm having an issue using Dokku and DigitalOcean. I changed all the DNS and successfully deployed my app to a subdomain, but for some reason the domain name doesn't work and when i go to my VPS IP it shows the...
    1 By Nezia Dokku DNS
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    How to setup Searx with DigitalOcean's Droplets

    So I've setup a Searx instance using the wonderfall/searx image on Docker hub, using that command docker run -d --name searx -p $PORT:8888 wonderfall/searx, and I've tried accessing my droplet ip with port 8888 but I ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there. Replace $PORT by 8888 and try again docker run -d --name searx -p 8888:8888 wonderfall/searx
    1 By Nezia Docker