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    How to Update/Upgrade phpMyAdmin

    Sorry, obviously I mean phpMyAdmin :(
    By niczar
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    How to Update/Upgrade phpMyAdmin

    Hello, When I log into phpMyAdmin, I get a message that there is new version of phpMyAdmin5.1.1 available (installed version is 4.9.5). How do I update/upgrade? Will updating to latest version impact any functionali...
    2 By niczar Ubuntu 20.04 PHP SQL
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    Changing FTP password on Ubuntu 20.04

    Hi, So, I am a total and absolute illiterate, but I'm good at following instructions, so I'm hoping some of you smart folks will rise up and help a man in need! I have set up droplet using Ubuntu 20.04 and I can login...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @niczar In order to change the password for the FTP username, you can ssh to your droplet as root and use the passwd command. An example is: command sudo passwd myself You will be prompted to enter the detail...
    1 By niczar Ubuntu 20.04