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    s3cmd SignatureDoesNotMatch

    Problem When I try to use s3cmd it exits with the following error: ERROR: S3 error: 403 (SignatureDoesNotMatch) Attempted Solutions I have tried regenerating my keys as other similar questions suggested. Context I a...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, I do not consider myself an expert on s3cmd, and I realize that you already have a configuration file, but can you try setting up the configuration specifically by the steps we've outlined here? https://ww...
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    Student Discounts

    I am a student and have been interested in using Digital Ocean for a while, after my horrible current hosting plan is up with another company(Who shall not be named) I 100% intend to switch over. As a result of being ...
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    What plan you recomend for...

    I want to run a LAMP stack and possibly Node.js as well. I do not expect to get more than 100 page views a month. What plan would you recommend for these requirements?
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