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    Weird Error with MySQL Workbench

    My test connection to my DO Droplet was verified but when I clicked okay and tried to run the connection I got an error. It said User 'username' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value:30). I have no...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @noahmcdonough Could you please let me know if the database is busy at the moment? Are you expecting a lot of connections/queries at that time? The issue might be related with you exceeding the max_connections...
    1 By noahmcdonough MySQL DigitalOcean
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    I cannot connect to my droplet through MySQL workbench, but I can connect through FileZilla.

    I am running windows and have generated an ssh key. However, when I try to establish the connection to my droplet (Through MySQL Workbench), I am receiving an error. The error is "COULD NOT CONNECT TO THE SSH TUNNEL: ...
    1 By noahmcdonough DigitalOcean MySQL