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    If I buy a digitalocean server would it be possible to use it as a VPN service to access restricted websites?

    Openvpn will most likely be blocked or throttled in China (as also the case in some Middle Eastern countries). You might want to lo…
    By Nomad111
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    Can I install two vpn servers on one droplet?

    Hi, a stupid newbie question: Is it possible to install two vpn servers on one droplet? I have one softether vpn installed on my droplet and like to check how the openvpn server works in comparison. Do I need to creat...
    1 By Nomad111 VPN Getting Started Ubuntu
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    VPN battery drain: How to override pushed ping-restart settings?

    Hello! I am fascinated by the Softether-VPN on my DigitalOcean droplet but there is one issue: Battery drain on mobile devices. The server pushes ping 3,ping-restart 10 which means every three seconds a ping is sent. ...
    Accepted Answer: It doesn't look like Softether has the ability to modify the ping time - here ( It might be a good idea to look into an alterna...
    1 By Nomad111 VPN Configuration Management Server Optimization Ubuntu
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    How to stop vpn server to edit server configuration?

    Hi, I am totally new here. I installed a (softether) vpn server via on a DigitalOcean droplet and wonder how to edit the vpn server configuration. In the configuration file that I accessed via SFTP, ...
    1 By Nomad111 Configuration Management VPN Getting Started Quickstart Ubuntu