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    How to re-use an private IP in a VPC with DigitalOcean?

    I have a VPC with several Droplets. They communicate with each other via private IPs. One of them needs to be replaced. I'd like to bring up a new Droplet using the same private IP of the one that will be replaced and...
    1 By npearson72 DigitalOcean VPC Networking DigitalOcean Droplets
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    LEMP one-click app -- what's the default MySQL password?

    I can't access MySQL as root. What's the default pass for root?
    2 By npearson72 LEMP
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    Deployment a Rails 3 app with using Capistrano 3

    Is ‘IP’ just a placeholder, or is that you actually have in your configs? server “IP”, user: “deployer”, roles: %w{web}, primary…
    By npearson72
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    cap production deploy:restart fails

    I'm having trouble deploying overall, but after tweaking various configs all day, deploying seems to be successful. But when I go to my site, I just see the nginx page. I try to restart unicorn and it always fails: $...
    1 By npearson72