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    FTP File Zilla Won't Connect To My One Droplet- Help!

    I've read the other questions and answers to this very problem, but none of them are helping. I'd like, love, to connect through my droplet on FileZilla (FTP) but it's not working. I've tried what I thought my port nu...
    1 By nqudimat DigitalOcean Ubuntu
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    wp-admin redirects to wrong website?!

    Hi guys, so everytime I try to go to it redirects and takes me to a blank page and the address bar says
    1 By nqudimat WordPress
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    Website doesn't load with www?

    Believe me, I checked out the other questions and they didn't help me. My website is and it doesn't load up if I place the www. Similarly with another domain I have, It just goes back ...
    4 By nqudimat DNS
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    I followed a tutorial on here...Now can't access putty

    Putty keeps timing out when I try to open it with the correct IP address and port number. I followed this tutorial: I made sure ...
    1 By nqudimat DigitalOcean