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    MYSQL Error 2002 cant connect to localhost through socket

    status says its active (running) the log says : UFW is blocking the port?
    By nritsonsa478bff2e7b215cb05
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    MYSQL Error 2002 cant connect to localhost through socket

    Running a 1GB Droplet with Apache2 installed. I installed MYSQL but keep getting this error: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) been running though...
    3 By nritsonsa478bff2e7b215cb05 MySQL
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    Connecting to Gnome 3 Desktop

    I have a Ubuntu 16.10 x64 Droplet with ubuntu desktop which I am connecting to via x2go and that works, however, I also installed gnome 3 but cannot connect to that with either x2go or RealVNC. I tried setting up VNC ...
    2 By nritsonsa478bff2e7b215cb05 DigitalOcean VPN Ubuntu 16.04
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    RealVNC Not Connecting

    I have been having some problems connecting to my Droplet with RealVNC, I used the guide below to set it up. My Droplet is a (2GB) Ubuntu x64. I have added an exception in my Windows 10 Firewall as well and t...
    Accepted Answer: You can try restarting the VNC service with the command: sudo service vncserver restart As the messages you are seeing do indicate that it may not be running. An alternative that might make things easier would be to...
    1 By nritsonsa478bff2e7b215cb05 Configuration Management Firewall VPN Ubuntu 16.04