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    Multiple Redis instances on Ubuntu 16.04?

    I've read the Redis install guide for Ubuntu 16.04: (http://) What about configuring more than one instance of Redis ...
    1 By Nuwanda Redis Ubuntu 16.04
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    Requests between subdomains on same droplet

    Let's say I have two subdomains set on one droplet. and makes a request to which then returns data to I've tested this and it works...
    1 By Nuwanda API Networking Scaling Server Optimization VPN Nginx Ubuntu
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    Is console access always available?

    If all my users are using SSH keys, and I've disabled password authentication, and disabled root login, can I still login as root from the droplet console?
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    How do I save multiple ssh keys each associated with separate digital ocean accounts?

    If you read this tutorial carefully:…
    By Nuwanda