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    Stuck trying to creating a new mysql database

    Hello, So i am trying to create a new database, and every time i try the CREATE DATABASE database name; I get the error below 1044 - Access denied for user 'phpmyadmin'@'localhost' i tried the ['AllowNoPassword'] = T...
    1 By oasysweb MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Setting up Ubuntu

    Good day, I have run into a problem setting up a new LAMP installation i setup on a droplet. (Keep in mind in am using the digital ocean console) I am doing this tutorial specifically (
    Accepted Answer: @oasysweb Instead of the DigitalOcean web-based console, I would recommend using PuTTy on Windows and Terminal or Hyper on MacOS so that you have copy/paste available. It'll definitely ease the process since the vast...
    1 By oasysweb DigitalOcean Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04