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    Can`t rebuild httpd.conf and start Apache with cPanel [SOLVED]

    The problem is solved with build of EasyApache with this command: /scripts/easyapache --build I have truble with start my Apache service on my droplet. I installed cPanel and FTP & WHM working fine, while the httpd se...
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    DNS Error Present (CNAME (illegal))

    Hi, thank you for the replay. First I want to say, that I made this settings the same for other my server “”, which work …
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    DNS Error Present (CNAME (illegal))

    Hello there, I`ve this error on my DNS menu: zone NS 'NS1.MOON.BG' is a CNAME (illegal) zone NS 'NS2.MOON.BG' is a CNAME (illegal) zone not loaded due to errors. Why this error come...
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