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    Docker Volume Driver for DigitalOcean

    Docker volume driver to consume DigitalOcean volumes in Docker containers.
    By omallo Block Storage Storage DigitalOcean Docker
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    Interest in a docker volume driver for DigitalOcean?

    Hi all I have recently implemented a Docker volume driver for DigitalOcean's block storage solution and wanted to ask whether anyone is interested in it and would like to give it a try?
    2 By omallo Docker Block Storage Storage
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    Accessing the REST API from a droplet without access token

    Hi all While in general it is necessary to specify an access token to access the DigitalOcean REST API, I wanted to ask whether there is some way to access the API without an access token when the access is done from ...
    Accepted Answer: You do need a token in order to access the API for your account. If that wasn't the case, then anyone who gains access to one of your droplets could have access to the entire account. This is a pretty big security ris...
    1 By omallo API DigitalOcean