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    Add temporary SFTP user restricted to /var/www/html

    Hello, I need to add an SFTP user to a droplet with Apache with access to the /var/www/html directory only. On this droplet password authentication is disabled and the ufw firewall is active. The goal is to give tempo...
    2 By omarfilip Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    SSL setup for two droplets, one on main domain and second on subdomain

    Thanks @jtittle. My goal is to keep things simple, so two independent certificates it will be.
    By omarfilip
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    SSL setup for two droplets, one on main domain and second on subdomain

    What is the recommended practice for setting up SSL with Let's Encrypt where one droplet hosts WordPress ( and a second droplet hosts Discourse under a subdomain ( Thanks!
    Accepted Answer: @omarfilip Normally I'll install certbot on each server and then generate the certificates as per norm via CLI. When it comes to multiple servers, if you generate them on the main host, you may run in to issues with ...
    3 By omarfilip Let's Encrypt WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    SSL on Droplet with Wordpress and subdomain with Discourse

    I've set up the one-click Droplet with Discourse in a subdomain and Wordpress as the default. Attempting to add SSL and I can only get WordPress to run under https. The SSL certificate is a wildcard cert from Namechea...
    1 By omarfilip WordPress Nginx Docker DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Let's Encrypt Ubuntu