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    Run LAMP Stack on main domain, Run Node.JS on subdomain, same droplet

    I want to run a basic LAMP stack at, and run a Node.JS app on, on the same droplet. I have them both installed. (users shouldn't have to put a port number at the end, they both need port ...
    1 By omegapixel LAMP Stack DNS Node.js Deployment Configuration Management
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    PHP not working after 1-click LAMP Install

    Wow, I accidentaly named it “index.html” instead of “index.php”… it’s fixed now!
    By omegapixel
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    PHP not working after 1-click LAMP Install

    I used the 1-click LAMP install when setting up my droplet, and I uploaded an index.html page with some very basic PHP, just a variable and an echo. Nothing echoes out, I go and check with Inspect Element to see if th...
    1 By omegapixel PHP DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace LAMP Stack Apache Ubuntu