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    Redirect Loop After Submiting A form

    Hello Literally spent 9 hours on this issue and cannot find the issue.. Several Reconfigs and no results.. Trying to install a script - After Step one is Submitted, you are unab...
    1 By onlinesolutions2010 Apache PHP
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    Using a Dedicate Droplet for a Database

    My CPU usage is always steady between 65%-85%. The loading of the site sometimes does reach 1 minute+ <br> <br>My site uses alot of…
    By onlinesolutions2010
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    Using a Dedicate Droplet for a Database

    Hello My site is eating resources like crazy.. I want to lower resource usage by moving my DB to a dedicated droplet from where the site is hosted.. Does this make sense? Would i help with my resource usage?
    2 By onlinesolutions2010