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    How to install Webmin on existing Apache + Let's Encrypt SSL configuration?

    Using this guide for reference: Currently have Apache + Let's Encrypt SSL configured and working fine, plus a reverse proxy for Di...
    1 By orbitstorm88 Apache Let's Encrypt Control Panels
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    Possible to install LAMP alongside one-click Discourse droplet?

    Getting Discourse to work was proving incredibly difficult so I just opted for the one-click droplet for Discourse. Is it possible to install LAMP on the same droplet for the purposes of running an HTML or WordPress f...
    1 By orbitstorm88 LAMP Stack One-Click Install Apps
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    Do I use the FULL domain + extension when replacing "your_domain"?

    As per the title, the setup tutorials often say "/var/www/your_domain". Should it be "" or just "mydomain"? That part is confusing because, for example, when configuring Webmin, it says to visit "http://yo...
    1 By orbitstorm88 Apache Linux Basics Ubuntu 18.04