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    How can I point an external domain to a subdomain?

    Hi, I have the domain which I am trying to point to which in turn points to I currently have this in my Virtual Host: ServerAlias * VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/html/%1 ...
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    How to speed up PHP's write to file time?

    I've just made the switch from GoDaddy's Shared Hosting to DigitalOcean and their write to disk through PHP appears to be much faster, is there any way of speeding this up? Code: fwrite($retrieve, $replace); fclose($...
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    Are there any Control Panels with a web based File Manager like cPanel offers?

    My current hosting provider offers cPanel which allows me to upload, delete and edit files all from the web. Before I switch to DigitalOcean, I'm wondering if there are any Control Panels that offer this feature - I'm...
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