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    Unable to To Move a MySQL Data Directory to a New Location on Ubuntu 18.04

    I'm trying to setup a personal clound server on my home desktop with Ubuntu 18.04. I have an external 10TB hdd attached and would like to move the data that mysql stores on to the drive because I plan to use it as a s...
    1 By Pachuca MySQL
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    After LAMP stack tutorials, I can't find my site on localhost

    I'm a student trying to figure out how to get LAMP stack working on my laptop for Ubuntu 18.04. I need it for a project I'm working on at school and out of school. I followed a few tutorials, first https://www.digi...
    Accepted Answer: What happens if you enter the full path in your browser - localhost/abc/subdirectory/index.php Also are you using an .htaccess file and if so can you place the content of it here?
    2 By Pachuca Apache