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    how to add extra diskspace in drop let.

    @hunky 40GB+ data on server, i guess it will take alot time. will may data remain same on cpanel, i have installed cpanel
    By pakodalund
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    Regarding to Large scale server on digital ocean

    Hello, I yesterday purchased 40usd droplet and In only 2days my disk is almost consumed. Even in highest droplet wont fill full requirment for long. is also proudly hosted on your digital ocean. I would li...
    1 By pakodalund DigitalOcean PHP CentOS
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    how to add extra diskspace in drop let.

    I read that there is no option in Digital Ocean to add an extra disk space in current droplet. So now i want to know how to upgrade drop let. Current i am using centos 6 with cpanel. will my all setting and files rema...
    5 By pakodalund DigitalOcean CentOS