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    Enable http2 in apache

    Hi, I tried to enable http2 with apache2 but I couldn't. I did this: I activated http2 with this: sudo a2enmod http2 I added this line in my virtual host with 443 port: Protocols h2 http/1.1. I have a ubuntu server 18...
    2 By palma2039 Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    Domain B (http) is redirected to domain A (Https)

    Hello I had a domain (domain A) running with let's encrypt and correctly redirected from http to https, today I set up a new virtual host with another domain (domain B) with let's encrypt too, but when I enter domain ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I had to fix a similar issue yesterday. The problem was that the Vhost for for port 80 was missing. However in your case the config indeed looks correct. As long as you have a Vhost for
    2 By palma2039 Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 18.04