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    Postfix blocking emails to my own domain 550: invalid HELO name

    Hello. I have followed the Wordpress one click install and everything went fine. I have a form with WP Forms in my website which notifies, sending a mail, my email address each time somebody fills the form. Unfortuna...
    1 By pangolino91 Email DNS Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ubuntu 16 + Wordpress + WP Mail SMTP not send contact Form Emails

    Same problem here! is the tutorial posted above working? :)
    By pangolino91
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    Website hosted on Digital Ocean but mail using Hostgator. How to configure Email?

    Hello, I have a website,, which uses a Hostgator domain but it's hosted here on Digital Ocean (i successfully redirected the DNS and finished propagation). I want to keep using the Hostgator...
    2 By pangolino91 DNS Email Ubuntu 18.04
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    SSL Certificate for redirected domain

    Hello. I successfully moved my website from Hostgator to DigitalOcean redirecting the domain to DO servers. I then installed Wordpress and everything works fine. Now I would like to add a SSL certificate to my new web...
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! Great question. This can be done at no cost to you, by using LetsEncrypt. The steps here are going to be a bit relative, but I'll share with you my method for finding the steps. I Google search this formula...
    1 By pangolino91 Deployment WordPress Security Ubuntu 18.04
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    Cannot upload ssh key to my Droplet from Windows OS and keep getting "permission denied (publickey)" error

    I have two computers, one OS Mac and one OS Windows. Using the Mac i managed to add the SSH public key and I can log into the droplet from the local machine terminal. On the one using windows, however, everytime I try...
    2 By pangolino91 Getting Started DigitalOcean Security Ubuntu 18.04
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    Still seeing my old website after completing WordPress installation with Droplet

    Hello, I just completed the 1-click installation for Wordpress for my Droplet. This droplet is linked to a Hostgator domain, which had already a static website nested on. After I correctly changed the servers to my do...
    1 By pangolino91 WordPress Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04