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    How To Develop Applications on Kubernetes with Okteto

    The Okteto CLI is an open-source project that can greatly improve your inner development-loop while working on Kubernetes. In this tutorial, you'll create a Kubernetes cluster in DigitalOcean and use it to run a stand...
    By Pablo Chico de Guzman Open Source Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Development
  • Published Tool

    Okteto CLI

    Okteto is a developer tool for Kubernetes applications.
    By pchico83 Kubernetes Development Docker Microservices Applications
  • Published Tutorial

    How To Configure a Continuous Integration Testing Environment with Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 14.04

    This tutorial uses Docker Compose to demonstrate the automation of continuous integration workflows. We will create a Dockerized Python application and a Bash test script. Then, the test script will be Dockerized in i...
    By Pablo Chico de Guzman Docker Configuration Management Ubuntu