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    Do I have to monitor my droplet or will it automatically reboot if it freezes?

    I know about making sure the individual programs are running, but I just want to know if the situation ever arises where the droplet freezes and I have to log in to manually reset.
    1 By pekasus Linux Basics Ubuntu 16.04
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    Deploy Django to Ubuntu LAMP

    I am running a LAMP image on Ubuntu 14.04. I want to run a Django app alongside to gather data off the same MySQL database. I've looked through WSGI tutorials, but haven't found anything to help me get this running fr...
    1 By pekasus Django Deployment LAMP Stack
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    How to set up domain on remote CPanel to send mail from droplet

    I am using an Ubuntu LAMP droplet. I set up an A record to point a subdomain to my droplet that runs a cron job. I would like cron to send an email to my gmail. Since I set up the A record for, I cannot...
    1 By pekasus Control Panels Email