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    Timeout after connect (your server may be slow or overloaded)

    I've been using my droplet for over a year now, running nginx on an Ubuntu 18 system. I use Let's Encrypt to automatically renew SSL certificates, but I started receiving errors for the renewal process. Thus, I asked ...
    1 By PennyWise94 Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx Let's Encrypt
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    Server attacked, node.js time out error

    Last night, my server was under attack. This happens a lot, and shouldn't be reason to panic. However, my node.js application sets up a connection with MongoDB, and this timed out. So this morning, the MongoDB was unr...
    1 By PennyWise94 MongoDB Node.js Apache Nginx Ubuntu 18.04 Security
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    How to scale & node.js app

    I have a node.js app which runs currently on the smallest droplet available. I am about to use for real time updates, e.g. for chat, in-app notifications etc. I have now come to the conclusion that I can hav...
    2 By PennyWise94 Nginx Apache Node.js Ubuntu 18.04
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    Details on usage of my droplets/spaces

    I currently have two droplets running: one for my node.js backend running on Ubuntu 18.04 and one for my MySQL database running on the same OS. I also have an object storage to save profile pictures. Currently, we are...
    0 By PennyWise94 Object Storage Node.js MySQL Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to secure MySQL droplet with HTTPS

    Hi, This works just fine and I know have a URL which redirects correctly to the MySQL database lo…
    By PennyWise94
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    Someone is trying to hack my server

    I think someone is trying to get access to my server. In my logs, I can see the following requests: ::ffff: - GET / HTTP/1.0 200 12 - 1.210 ms ::ffff: - GET /drupal/ HTTP/1.0 404 146 - 4.361 ms ::ff...
    1 By PennyWise94 Nginx Apache Security Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to secure MySQL droplet with HTTPS

    I have added a fresh droplet with MySQL from the one-click apps to my account. The entire setup is working fine and I can access PhpMyAdmin as well as log in through terminal to change whatever I want. I used to set u...
    2 By PennyWise94 MySQL Security Ubuntu 18.04
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    Custom domain name for Spaces shows list of all files

    I currently have a DigitalOcean Space for Object Storage in which I store pictures. Access to the files is set to Restricted in the admin panel, so when I go to, I recieve the "Pe...
    1 By PennyWise94 Object Storage DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04