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    VPN Software on Ubuntu 16.04 Droplet

    This is the Type of VPN server they are using: CISCO ASA 5555 VPN Concentrator, Version 9.2(4) If you know of any existing VPN So…
    By pgmLeo
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    VPN Software on Ubuntu 16.04 Droplet

    Hello, I am running an application on my Ubuntu16.04 Droplet. This application needs to connect to a third party Service provider Network using a VPN. To allow this, the service provider has dictated that we have to u...
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    How do I upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 droplet without affecting the Git repo ?

    Hello, My droplet is currently running ubuntu 14.04. I would like to upgrade it to 15.10 without affecting the GIT repository currently being hosted on the droplet. The reason for doing this is to make it run the sam...
    1 By pgmLeo DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Configuration Management Linux Basics
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    App Running on Digital Ocean Needs to Accept Websocket connections from clients

    Hello, I just created an Ubuntu-14.04 droplet on digital ocean. I then deployed an application that used to previously run on my desktop. On my test laptop the App was running on localhost. Client used to open websock...
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