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    LEMP (One-click App) with Phpmyadmin ERROR, only since 3 days

    I am autocreating droplets with the API to digitalocean but you can do it manually too. I just followed the tutorials and the error continues 1. Create Droplet -> INSTALL LEMP on 14.04 One-click App in DO 2. Create s...
    1 By philippevollenw PHP LEMP Apache Ubuntu
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    FTP : open for write: permission denied on LEMP Server

    this is such a stupid answer considering that you can just add the user to the group www-data
    By philippevollenw
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    copy and paste into console

    NOTHING works on Digitalocean anymore. YOU can’t copy paste, the console window is NOT scrollable with FF, Safari and Chrome. SSH L…
    By philippevollenw