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    Cant login to root even with reset password

    Hello, Somehow I cant login to root at all anymore. It just denies access. I log into with Putty in settings which worked before. Just suddenly stopped working. I figured I would use pw reset for root from my droplet...
    6 By piartmedia WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    chown all files and folders/subfolder content www-data:www-data for /var/www/html ?

    Hello, I need to manually upload a backup for my WP project under /var/www/html. My issue is that this gives all files root root permission. I tried chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html But that doesn't seem to wor...
    1 By piartmedia Apache WordPress Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04
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    Install SSl "Geo trust True BusinessID certificate" on WP?

    Hello, I'm looking to install my certificate. As it seems this is not exactly made easy and the only tutorial I could find "How To Install an SSL Certificate from a Commercial Certificate Authority" is from 2014 and n...
    0 By piartmedia Apache WordPress Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    WP uploaded custom media directory cant be written to even with correct permissions (777)

    I created a custom folder to host my media files in my wp install called media Now even with the correct permissions library uploads as well as plugins cannot write files here. Unless I change permission to 777 I cann...
    1 By piartmedia WordPress Apache Configuration Management