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    Unable to send email from primary domain

    Currently, I have a Ubuntu 16.04 LEMP stack DO droplet hosting a WordPress site, I'll call the primary domain Email is sent via a contact form on the site. The primary domain's email is being handled by a dif...
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    Nginx https to http

    I have an issue with a freshly configured Nginx setup on Ubuntu 16.04. My site loads fine using http, but I get a <^>connection refused error<^> when I access it using https. I don't need https at the moment, so I wou...
    Accepted Answer: @pixelment @jtittle You should setup Lets Encrypt - and keep your site on HTTPS-only (with a redirect from HTTP). There's multiple advantages to HTTPS - first is that it allows http/2, which is version 2 of the HTTP ...
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