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    Need some guidance setting up a new LEMP droplet

    Hello, I've been interested in setting up a personal website using the LEMP One-Click install offered by DO but i have some questions about it: How ready for production does it come out of the box? My doubts here ling...
    1 By Pmma LEMP Nginx Ubuntu 18.04
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    Droplet Plan for WordPress + Mean Stack

    I installed the Wordpress One Click App, on a 512MB droplet, it seems to run just fine.
    By Pmma
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    Droplet Plan for WordPress + Mean Stack

    Hello, We are currently developing a project that involves running 2 Web applications together, being them WordPress (PHP + MySql) and a Mean Stack Project (Nodejs + MongoDB). Is it possible to get both to run in a 5...
    2 By Pmma WordPress Node.js Ubuntu
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    Question regarding a large file

    Hello, I'm currently making plans to use a combo of a droplet with a block storage unit in order to share a reasonably large file over the Internet (30GB file) This comes from the need of sharing the file between a te...
    1 By Pmma Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04