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    how can i create domain name email address and also create web mail to each domain nginx

    dear all, i am new to nginx development. i stuck at two point 1) i cannot create domain name email address for all domain, i try all Postfix, Dovecot, ViMbAdmin, RoundCube ...
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    Error while restarting nginx: [emerg] "listen" directive is not allowed here

    I am trying to host two websites, I have done and completed all the steps to enabling the hosting of two websites. Lastly when i restart the website this is the error I am getting nginx: [emerg] "listen" directive is ...
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    Is it good to configure zpanel in digital ocean?

    Hi, I am not able to configure multiple domains. And I am not good at managing linux servers. So I was wondering whether I could use zpanel instead of cpanel, as my budget is low? And if I am using it is it errorless...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, all This is a really interesting question that I’ve seen before and would like to share my opinion with the rest of you. There a lot of web panels available (most of them are free to use) that you can choose in...
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    Not able to see the content after dns redirection

    Hello aguilar, We have setup virtual hosts properly. But the problem we are facing is something like this. Eg: I have two web…
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    Not able to see the content after dns redirection

    I have a website say I redirected and changed my nameservers to point to digitalocean servers I have. Unfortunately the website is redirecting by default to /var/www and showing index.html content. Ins...
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