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    Website inaccessible after installing Let's encrypt certificate

    Hello, I set up a droplet and configured nginx to serve a small static website. Everything was working fine until I installed a certificate using the Certbot script. This is the nginx configuration file for the websit...
    Accepted Answer: Hello @qarlo, The syntax of your configuration file looks fine. What I could suggest here is: First check if nginx is running: systemctl status nginx If Nginx is not running you could try starting it: systemctl sta...
    2 By qarlo Let's Encrypt Nginx
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    Can't have Wordpress websites to work with nginx on subdomain, connect() to unix:/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock failed error

    Hello, I'm using a droplet to run a couple of static websites, each on their own domains, like: and so on. Then, I use the same droplet to test other websites (mainly Wor...
    Accepted Answer: Hi It's possible php-fpm isn't started up. Try this. Locate the php-fpm service like this: ``` systemctl|grep php-fpm ``` Then start it up: systemctl start php7.2-fpm Replace php7.2-fpm with the actual service name ...
    1 By qarlo Nginx PHP WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
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    Debugging nginx server block configuration

    I would be interested in knowing how did you do the diagnostics on my server. So to learn something useful for the future
    By qarlo
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    Debugging nginx server block configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a very basic configuration to put a static website online. I have a domain registered and I configured the nameserver on the domain provider and added it to the droplet. I followed this tut...
    5 By qarlo LEMP DNS Ubuntu
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    Access website only through ip with nginx

    Hi, I'm new to DigitalOcean. I just configured my first droplet installing Ubuntu and a LEMP stack. At the moment I don't have a domain to use and wanted just to do some tests. I followed this guide to create a Server...
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