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    DNS / Domain taking too long to respond

    For some reason I can connect to my droplet using and it loads, but all the resources are pointing at While normally that's fine, because both of thos...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! I was able to load it fine with or without the www. I believe what occurred is that the root domain A record was either missing or not set correctly, and then once you fixed it your system had already perf...
    1 By QuentinMcC DNS DigitalOcean Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    Used to be able to use an SSH publickey for root to login to droplet, while using a password prompt for other users. New computer.

    The server is a LAMP stack and I set it up on my old computer. Everything was running fine, was able to SSH into root without password prompt using publickey, while able to SSH into other users (Both sudo) using a pas...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, We most likely disabled password login on SSH on provisioning. Check /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make sure "PasswordAuthentication" is set to yes. If not, change it and restart the SSH server. Jarland
    1 By QuentinMcC DigitalOcean Security Ubuntu 18.04