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    How to Create Documentation for Your REST API with Insomnia

    In this tutorial, you will learn more about OpenAPI, document your API according to the OpenAPI Spec in Insomnia, and host your documentation on Github Pages with Redoc.
    By arnu515 Development API
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    How To Build a GraphQL API With Golang to Upload Files to DigitalOcean Spaces

    Uploading files with GraphQL can be a challenge, since there is no built-in support for file uploads. In this tutorial, you will learn to upload images to a third-party storage service directly from your backend appli...
    By Victory Nwani Development Go GraphQL API
  • Edited Tutorial in Series: How To Code in Go

    How to Use a Private Go Module in Your Own Project

    Many Go modules are open-source, which means they can be freely accessed and used. However, sometimes you need to make a module private. In this tutorial, you will publish a private Go module, set up authentication to...
    By Kristin Davidson Development Go
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    How To Build a Jamstack Portfolio with Angular 11 and Scully

    As a developer, it's important to have a portfolio showcasing your skills and previous work. You can build an engaging and fast portfolio using Angular and Scully. In this tutorial, you will generate an Angular app, a...
    By zramcooper Angular Development JavaScript
  • Edited Tutorial in Series: How To Code in Go

    How to Distribute Go Modules

    With Go, developers can use ready-made libraries from other developers and publish their own for others to use. In this tutorial, you'll create and publish a new module, learn about semantic versioning, and publish a ...
    By Kristin Davidson Go Development
  • Edited Tutorial in Series: How To Code in Go

    How to Use Go Modules

    A Go module commonly consists of one project or library and contains a collection of Go packages that are then released together. With Go modules, you can put code where you want and specify dependencies for each modu...
    By Kristin Davidson Go Development
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    How To Set Up an ASGI Django App with Postgres, Nginx, and Uvicorn on Ubuntu 20.04

    In this guide, you will set up an ASGI (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface) Django app on Ubuntu 20.04. You'll set up a PostgreSQL database, configure a Gunicorn application server paired with Uvicorn (an ASGI impl...
    By Mason Egger, Erin Glass Development Nginx Python PostgreSQL Python Frameworks Databases Ubuntu 20.04 Django
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    How To Work with Files Using Streams in Node.js

    Streams are an efficient way to handle files in Node.js. In this tutorial, you'll create a command-line program, and then use it with streams to read, write, copy, and transform files.
    By Adaobi Aniuchi Node.js JavaScript Development
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    How to Monitor Docker Using Zabbix on Ubuntu 20.04

    Learn how to set up monitoring for Docker containers using Zabbix, an open-source monitoring tool for IT infrastructure.
    By Vadym Kalsin Docker Ubuntu 20.04 Monitoring
  • Edited Tutorial in Series: How To Code in TypeScript

    How To Use Interfaces in TypeScript

    Interfaces in TypeScript enable you to represent and document various data structures. In this tutorial, you'll create interfaces, learn how to use them, explore the differences between normal types and interfaces, an...
    By Jonathan Cardoso Development JavaScript TypeScript
  • Edited Tutorial

    How to Create and Deploy Your First Eleventy Website

    Learn how to build a website with Eleventy (11ty), a static site generator that gives you simplicity and flexibility.
    By Ayooluwa Isaiah Getting Started Development DigitalOcean App Platform HTML
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    How To Set Up a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Flux on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

    This tutorial goes through setting up continuous integration and delivery for DigitalOcean Kubernetes using Flux, an open-sourced tool.
    By Savic Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes CI/CD
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    How To Deploy a Pre-Trained Question and Answer TensorFlow.js Model on App Platform

    TensorFlow.js is TensorFlow's JavaScript Library for training, executing, and deploying machine learning models in a web browser. In this tutorial, you'll create a web app that uses a passage to answer a question, and...
    By Juan De Dios Santos Rivera Machine Learning
  • Edited Tutorial

    How To Use Wget to Download Files and Interact with REST APIs

    Wget is a command-line tool that lets you download files and interact with REST APIs. In this tutorial, learn how to customize your download experience, interact with REST API endpoints, and create a Droplet on your D...
    By Carlos Mucuho Interactive Linux Basics Linux Commands
  • Edited Tutorial in Series: How To Manage Infrastructure with Terraform

    How To Use Terraform with DigitalOcean

    Terraform is a tool for building and managing infrastructure in an organized way. In this tutorial, you'll install and use Terraform to create an infrastructure on DigitalOcean that consists of two Nginx servers that ...
    By Mitchell Anicas, Brian Hogan System Tools API Terraform Nginx Load Balancing DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers DNS Configuration Management