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    Is it possible to add a file to my app? Or is there another way to add a secret API key?

    I have my static content based app (DO App Platform) up and running. I'd like to add one file which contains an API key to the app. Is it possible to add the file without adding it to my github repo? Is there some wa...
    Accepted Answer: As far as adding a file, you could configure a custom build command to pull down a file during the build process. Outside of that we don't have any other mechanisms to add an "env" file. You can however, define a give...
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    App detection failed

    I believe I just discovered the answer (or one part to the answer) to this problem. I was getting the same error attempting to g…
    By raddevus
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    Why doesn't App Platform recognize a static content web from index.htm?

    I have followed the tutorial in an attempt to build my App from static content. My static content includes : index.htm /js/*.js files /cs/main.css When the app wizard gets to the point where it is "fishing" for my c...
    Accepted Answer: Unfortunately the UI does not support altering the index_document at this time. You can create an application via the doctl that will accomplish what you want. We allow you to specify a custom index_document at the c...
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