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    Can't create $5 droplet?

    I wanted to create $5 droplet to test how my OS project will run in 1GB of memory. Everywhere I look DO tells me that lowest droplet available is $5, but when I go to my cloud panel the smallest droplet plan available...
    1 By rafalpiton Initial Server Setup
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    Usinv virtualenv in django image?

    Thank you for your attention Andrew. I think I’ve got it fixed, but there’s one gotcha: For some reason latest gunicorn that …
    By rafalpiton
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    Usinv virtualenv in django image?

    Hello! I've used Django on Ubuntu image to create my droplet and it all worked well until I've tried to use virtualenv for django_project dependencies. I've created home/django/venvs dir. Within it I've created venv t...
    3 By rafalpiton